Undergraduate Program in Psychology

Program Description


The Undergraduate Degree in Psychology presents a curriculum that mirrors the domains of greatest current activity in Psychology at the national and international levels, as well as the strongest areas of research and intervention. Characterised by an interdisciplinary component, it focuses on establishing links with other sciences, such as Biology and the Neurosciences, Health Sciences, Family Sciences, Communication Sciences, New Technologies and Computer Sciences.

With an employment rate of 100% (official data from the General Directorate of Statistics for Education and Science), the degree invests in the diversity of sub-domains with which students come into contact, such as Social Psychology, Family Psychology, Emotions and Motivation Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Education Psychology, Neuropsychology, Clinical and Health Psychology and Environmental Sustainability Psychology.

The Degree encompasses the domains of Psychology in the workplace, Economics and Management, of the promotion of health and psychological, family and social well-being, providing solid training in skills common to the various domains of Psychology and solid training in research and the application of Psychology Sciences to solving societal problems.

Recently, Service-Learning projects have been planned and implemented in the degree, a teaching methodology that combines academic learning with service to the community, so that students receive training, both on a personal and on a professional level, in work that addresses real needs.

Students also benefit from a personalised guidance and mentoring programme that supports and integrates them. Active participation in academic activities, such as research or the planning of scientific events, or volunteering is strongly encouraged.

For those seeking to continue their studies at UCP, the Undergraduate Degree in Psychology closely interrelates with the Psychology of Wellbeing and Promoting Health, Psychology in Business and Economics and Neuropsychology Master’s Degrees taking place on the Lisbon campus.


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Manuel Segismundo

Manuel Segismundo

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