Extracurricular Internships

Extracurricular internships are “high-impact practices”, that is, they encourage students to engage in greater levels of learning, development and performance.

These internships are an opportunity to acquire, practice, and deepen, within a workplace environment, skills and knowledge complementary to students’ academic degree and which are essential for the exercise of their future profession. They are also a way for students to acquire knowledge regarding their professional identity, to explore their interests and skills, and to validate their personal goals and career options. In addition, they enable students to develop relationships within a particular professional field and to be guided and assessed on their talent by potential employers.

The Careers Office aims to assist you in identifying the most suitable internship contexts, taking into account your academic profile and training. It also aims to help you find work experiences consistent with the expectations and performance standards in your area. In this way, it acts as a mediator in your first contact with the job market, so that you may have the best possible experience in a professional context.


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