Career Management Sessions

The Careers Office provides individual and personalized guidance in career management support. These are brief support sessions with a specialized professional, covering the following aspects:

  •  Self knowledge: Explore information about yourself

        What personality traits can be enhanced through your job search? What values?    
        What interests and skills?


  • World knowledge: Explore information regarding available future possibilities

        What internship, employment and/or volunteer opportunities? AND in what areas?   
        What knowledge and skills do these require?


  • Support in decision-making: Learn how to make good career choices

        What are your career goals? What do you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term? How can you manage these multiple goals?

  • Plan implementation: Develop skills that enable you to increase the likelihood of achieving your goals

       What steps should you take to achieve your career goals? How do you write a cover letter? How do you prepare a CV? Is your CV suitable for your professional area? How do you prepare for a job interview?


“No other type of vocational support [such as individual and personalized guidance] is as effective for university students in exploring, preparing, making decisions and implementing their careers” (Pipkins, Rooney, Jaunarajs, 2014)

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