Master in Translation

Program Description

The Master’s Degree in Translation focuses on students from the Humanities interested in deepening their reflections around the matrixes and the cultural phenomena of translation while also developing corresponding competences across four fields: juridical, economic, literary, and audiovisual.

The Master’s Degree in Translation contains a transdisciplinary objective interweaving various fields of study with the study of particular translations in order to endow students both with the tools for research and with a broad and deep linguistic-cultural framework and in addition to preparing them for the challenges of the labour market.

Thus, this Master’s Degree strives to:

  • Expand and problematize the expectations and knowledge of Master’s Degree students about the broad range of cultural phenomena either «invisible» or undervalued by contemporary societies;
  • Supply the methodological instruments enabling students to advance with autonomous research in the disciplinary field of Translation Studies;
  • Fostering critical reflection about the role of culture in the set of artistic, social and political practices that shape our way of being in the world while fostering the production of deep and thorough knowledge about culture and its practices over the course of time and correspondingly expanding the frameworks we hold about our cultural history across the national, European and global levels.

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Rebeca Henriques fotografia

Rebeca Henriques

"This Master’s has broadened my horizons on what translation, in fact, is. From the highly qualified and encouraging faculty to the Degree Coordinators that accompany us at every step, this is a programme that trains me to think."