Ana Luís Pinheiro

Ana Luís Pinheiro

Account Manager
BNP Paribas Securities Services

“Out of the many things I could say about the Master’s program in Culture Studies, one word stands out: excellence. Not only of the university and program itself, but of its teaching staff. The variety of seminars, taught by teachers from different nationalities and   backgrounds, provides students with a challenging and rewarding academic path. Personally, my experience was even more gratifying, as I was given the unique opportunity to study early sound film in cooperation with the Portuguese Film Museum thanks to the Lisbon Consortium. At the end of this journey, I couldn’t be more proud of having been part of an initiative that establishes my hometown of Lisbon as a world capital of Culture Studies.”

Testemunho_MEC_Clara Antunes

Clara Antunes

Arts Manager

"The Lisbon Consortium offers a very consistent program designed to trigger critical and analytical thought. The extremely competent and empathetic teaching staff can only be matched with the exciting body of students, whose diverse backgrounds and interests provide fruitful discussions and bonds. One key aspect that pervades this program is humanity. Towards one another, the objects argued on, the theories debated, and, ultimately, their implication for the construction of a more livable society for all. The MA in Culture Studies is a lesson on how to effectively understand life through Academia."

Federico Rudari

Federico Rudari

"Coming from a BA in social sciences, I found at the Lisbon Consortium a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge on humanities and related research methodologies. Crossing on a theoretical level both philosophy and literary critics, I also had the chance to learn, explore and discuss more practical fields of research, such as curatorial practices and film studies. The international environment and the transdisciplinary structure of the program made this learning experience enriching and stimulating."

Gabriela Altaf

Gabriela Altaf

Manager of Cultural Projects

“After almost a decade working as manager of cultural projects in Rio de Janeiro, I was looking for a Master’s program that could offer an overview of the main questions connected to the field of Culture. This led me to choose The Lisbon Consortium. The experience reinforced my writing, creativity and time management skills; the Summer School made it possible for me to get acquainted with students and professors from numerous countries, and inspired me to look at new ways of thinking about culture. Moreover, it allowed me to access contents, institutions, authors and discussions about a wide range of themes in the cultural realm, which have helped consolidate my qualifications in this field and functioned as a fundamental and transformative tool for my professional life.”

Testemunho_MEC_Vitória Amaral

Vitória Amaral

"Being part of the Master’s program in Culture Studies has been a truly fruitful experience. With an intensive yet versatile program, I had the chance to explore the areas that interest me most in the cultural field, acquiring skills that proved to be vital during my internship in the second year. I’ve consistently witnessed the commitment of all the staff and even my classmates, which together bring the true meaning of aretê to the world of arts and culture."


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