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Students on this major of the Master’s Degree in Communication Studies are not only able to spend a semester abroad on the Erasmus program or on another exchange program but can also take part in “The Global Scholar Exchange Program”, a special program created by the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Kent State University that enables students to study in Ohio, the United States of America for a semester.

Under the program, students attend the the 2nd semester of the first year in the  USA, where they enter into contact with some of the major television and  cinematographic production companies.

Additionally, “The Global Scholar Exchange Program” opens up an international and intercultural experience to students, adding value to both their academic and professional paths.


Get involved in this unique opportunity!

  • Enhance the value of your master’s degree, and spend a semester studying abroad by participating in this unique and transformative intercultural experience.
  • Engage in the study of global media and systems in the School of Communication Studies at Kent State University.
  • Empower your future, and launch your career by building foundational relationships and global connections with communication scholars and practitioners.

Elective courses (sample):

  • Personal & Mediated Communication
  • Communication in an Information Society
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Health and Media Effects
  • Theories for Communication
  • Seminar in Organizational Communication Family Communication


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