PhD in History - Inter-university Program

Program Description


PIUDHist - the Inter-university Doctoral Degree Program in History results from a partnership between five Portuguese university institutions, the Faculty of Human Sciences of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, the Institute of Social Sciences and the School of Arts and Humanities (both at the University of Lisbon), the ISCTE – IUL and the University of Évora.

With an innovative curricular structure, the Doctoral Degree in History spans four areas of specialisation defined in accordance with a thematic criteria – social and political structural dynamics, institutions and economic development, empires, colonialism and post-colonialism and intellectual and sociocultural movements.

Doctoral students are invited right from the first year join the research lines and projects ongoing at the research laboratories and centres of the partner institutions (ICS-UL, CH-UL, CEHC-IUL, CEHR-UCP, CIDEHUS-UÉ).


Admissions Office - PhD


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Edgar Silva

Edgar Silva

"(...) Tive o privilégio de integrar um grupo de trabalho com colegas de curso que desenvolveram uma rara cooperação e solidariedade. Tive a oportunidade de contar com a mestria do acompanhamento da investigação científica (...)"