PhD in Psychology: Emotions and Wellbeing

Program Description

This PhD Program in Emotion Psychology (the study of affective processes such as emotions, mood, feelings and its relation to attention, memory, decision, reasoning, creativity) is innovative and unique in Europe and combines knowledge brought by Psychology and several other fields of Science to provide an updated solid theoretical and methodological background in the study of emotional processes. It meets the exponentially growing interest of the last couple of decades in Emotion after the findings that emotion is key to decision making and that affective processes in the brain create an implicit layer of influence to the most varied aspects of human mental activity, behaviour, and creations. A strong branch of research is focusing on emotion regulation and positive emotions, forming a strong basis for applied interventions towards psychological well-being and health as well as the betterment of the workplace, education and human developmental contexts.

The Programme is ideal for many types of professionals:

  1. Clinical or Health Psychologists, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists and professionals from other psychobiological/health domains, seeking in depth knowledge of affective processes, their relation to mental and physical health, and disease prevention; 
  2. Organization and Social Psychologists, to meet the high demand for experts in team processes (e.g. leadership, creativity, job satisfaction), affective processes in marketing, economic decisions, market trends, brand loyalty, etc.;
  3. Education and Developmental Psychologists, long-sought to prepare evidence-based projects entangling cognitive and socioemotional development and promoting healthy emotional development paired with children’s/youth’s brain maturation. They may also work with IT teams in creating social avatars/robots or serious games to meet educational and emotional needs; 
  4. Academics, pursuing university level teaching/research, seeking specific methodological training and opportunity to learn with world leading experts.

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