Católica Languages & Translation is a facility set up in 2015 to provide services to the community both on-campus and off-campus. The service range includes: the teaching of foreign languages and special purpose language learning, linguistic consultancy and translation services. 

Drawing on the vast experience accumulated in lecturing languages across areas as diverse as media and culture, social service, law, economics and management, Católica Languages & Translation caters to publics internal and external to the Catholic University of Portugal in providing high-end training in languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and, in collaboration with the Institute of Oriental Studies, Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin. The unit also has a considerable track record in staging Portuguese as a Foreign Language programs, primarily for European and Asian publics.

In turn, its translation services are already counted upon by a very significant network of clients, both inside and outside the university and duly reflecting the quality of the work carried out in this field. This recognition ultimately serves to duly confirm the excellence of the teaching ongoing within the Faculty given that the unit’s translators are recruited from among either the teaching staff or the former students that have completed their Undergraduate and/or Master’s Degrees in Translation at the FCH.