Intercultural Literature in Portugal (1930-2000): a Critical Bibliography

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The research project Intercultural Literature in Portugal (1930-2000): a Critical Bibliography is the result of a partnership between CECC, the Research Centre for Communication and Culture, from Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and CEAUL/ULICES, the Centre for English Studies, from Universidade de Lisboa. Within the former, it is conducted by the “Cognition and Translatability” research group, and, within the latter, by that dedicated to “Translation and Reception Studies”.

The fundamental aim of this project is to create a bibliography of literary works published in Portugal between 1930 and 2000, which are translations from any foreign language, and which have been published in book format and in European Portuguese. The results of the compilation will be presented, at an initial stage, in an online database only (available for free online consultation since 2010); later, the research team expects to publish an edited volume comprising the entire results of the analysis.

Online database


The research step by step:

  • December 2010: launch of the online database - around 4,500 records, period from 1930 to 1955;
  •  November 2012: around 13,900 records, until the year of 1965;
  •  May 2015: around 15,700 records, until 1974;
  •  July 2018: around 20,200 records, until 1981;
  •  April 2019: around 24,260 records, until 1986;
  •  August 2020: around 25,786 records, until 1988;
  •  December 2020: around 27,353 records, until 1990;
  •  2021-2023: research and compilation of data regarding the period from 1991 to 2000.


Book censorship reports produced during Estado Novo

The first systematic study of the censorship reports of books published during the Portuguese regime of Estado Novo (1934-1974) was conducted by Teresa Seruya and Maria Lin Moniz, and included the painstaking indexation of such reports: 

Censorship reports (1934-1974)


Moreover, and thanks to CECC's efforts and partnership with Torre do Tombo National Archives, the reports have been digitalized, thus enabling the preservation of such an important archival resource. They can be consulted at Torre do Tombo's platform (if necessary, follow the instructions on how to consult the archives online, on page 3):

Torre do Tombo National Archives

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