CECC’s mission is to promote and develop, from a multidisciplinary perspective, Culture Studies, Literary Studies, Language Sciences and Communication Sciences, and to advance the connections between these fields of knowledge, as well as the connections between of each of these and other scientific areas.



CECC’s specific goals are as follows:

  • To promote, coordinate and support research lines and projects in the areas of Culture Studies, Literary Studies, Language Sciences and Communication Sciences;
  • To promote and support the publication of research output, as well as of any other works of interest to the development of its activity;
  • To foster exchanges with other similar Portuguese institutions and with other foreign scientific and cultural institutions;
  • To support the training and specialization of researchers in their respective scientific fields;
  • To promote activities in enhanced partnership with the different research and teaching units within UCP, and in particular FCH;
  • To organize and collaborate in the hosting of conferences, symposiums, colloquiums, seminars, specialized courses, scientific meetings and conference cycles;
  • To carry out any other such tasks that, within its remit, are entrusted to CECC by UCP’s higher bodies.

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