In studying cultural phenomena across their most varied dimensions, Culture Studies from the outset takes a stand as a pluri-disciplinary and polyphonic field and potentially questioning traditional knowledge and wisdoms.

In the FCH, the scientific field includes, as a complementary presence and in constant dialogue, lecturers coming from diverse specialist fields responsible for teaching subjects transversal to the majority of the degree programs: literature, history, visual culture, languages, linguistics, art and curating and translation.

In addition to the Undergraduate, three Master’s and three Doctoral Degree programs (all in partnerships with prestigious university institutions - nationally and internationally -, which constitutes one facet to the transdisciplinary and collaborative approach that distinguishes us), the field also hosts the Lisbon Consortium network and the Católica Languages & Translation institute. The former represents not only a bridge of already renowned excellence between the academic worlds and the arts and culture sector but also a unique example in the knowledge landscape of Portugal. The latter places the learnings of this field in the service of the other Faculties, Institutes and services on the campus as well as for the world beyond.


Gabriela Altaf

Gabriela Altaf

Manager of Cultural Projects
"It allowed me to access contents, institutions, authors and discussions about a wide range of themes in the cultural realm, which have helped consolidate my qualifications in this field”